OCTOBER 5-14, 2018




ⵆ The Journey 

Journey duration is 10 days, 9 nights in country.

Journey is led by our founder, Yulia Denisyuk.

Dates are Friday, October 5 through Sunday, October 14.

In that time we will:

  • Visit Tsaagan Suvarga, the incredible rock formations of Southern Mongolia 
  • Stay with nomadic Mongolian families
  • Ride horses in the vast grasslands of the Orkhon Valley
  • Sleep in traditional Mongolian homes called ghers
  • Visit Hustai National Park and see wild horses roam free
  • See Bayanzag, the incredible red cliffs in the Gobi desert
  • Hike in the Gorkhi Terelj National Park, one of the largest nature reserves in Mongolia
  • Climb the "Singing Dunes" of Khongor, the largest sand dunes in the Gobi Desert reaching nearly 1,000 feet in some areas!
  • Ride the Mongolian two-humped Bactrian camels
  • Explore the ancient capital city of Kharkhorin and the 16th-century Erdene Zuu monastery


read more about what you can expect in mongolia here


Trip Itinerary

Day 1: oct 5, 2018

We arrive to Ulaanbaatar airport and get a transfer to our 3-star hotel in the city center. Free day to rest and explore Ulaanbaatar. 

Day 2: oct 6, 2018

After breakfast, we leave the city to start our wild Mongolia trip! We drive to Gorkhi Terelj National Park where we hike and visit the Genghis Khan horse statue. Accommodations in the traditional nomadic gher.

Day 3: oct 7, 2018

After breakfast, we set on the road and drive to the Southern parts of Mongolia to visit Tsagaan Suvarga (White Cliffs), the whimsical rock formations. Accommodations in the traditional nomadic gher.

Day 4: oct 8, 2018

Today we visit Yoliin Am (the Yol Valley) nearby the White Cliffs. Accommodations in the traditional nomadic gher.

Day 5: oct 9, 2018

Today we come to the desert! We hike in the "Singing Dunes" of Khongor, the largest sand dunes in the Gobi Desert reaching nearly 1,000 feet in some areas. We ride the two-humped Bactrian camels and have some fun sledding in the dunes. Accommodations in the traditional nomadic gher.

Day 6: oct 10, 2018

Today we drive to the Ongi temple ruins. We visit Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs), the incredible red cliffs in the Gobi desert that will capture our imagination with their intense red hues. Accommodations in the traditional nomadic gher.

Day 7: oct 11, 2018

It's time for the water: today we visit the Orkhon Waterfall set against the landscape of mountains and trees and ride horses in the Orkhon Valley. Accommodations in the traditional nomadic gher.

Day 8: oct 12, 2018

Today we visit Kharkhorin (Karakorum), the ancient capital of Mongolia, and explore Erdene Zuu , the earliest surviving Buddhist monastery in Mongolia from the 16th century. Erdene Zuu had 500 temples and 108 white Buddha stupas; only 18 temples were left after the 20th-century communist rule. We hike a lot because tonight, we'll eat lots of traditional Mongolian BBQ for dinner! Accommodations in the traditional nomadic gher.

Day 9: oct 13, 2018

On our last day in the Mongolian wild country, we visit Hustai National Park where wild Mongolian horses roam free. We return to Ulaanbaatar and have one last evening to relax before our departure. Stay in a 3-star hotel in the Ulaanbaatar city center.

Day 10: oct 14, 2018

Today we leave Ulaanbaatar (transfer to UB airport included). 

Accommodation & Rates

All accommodations are in three-star hotels or higher (single-occupancy rooms) and in the traditional Mongolian homes called ghers (shared accommodations)

Journey price is $1,932 (if paid by credit card) and $1,875 (if paid by ACH / bank transfer).

What's included:

  • 9 nights accommodations in three-star hotels or higher, including 7 nights in traditional style gher yurts and 2 nights in a 3-star hotel in Ulaanbaatar (single-occupancy rooms in the UB hotel; shared accommodations in ghers)
  • All breakfast, lunch and dinner meals on Days 2 - 9, including a traditional BBQ dinner meal on Day 8
  • Breakfast on Day 10
  • All in-country transportation (we will have our own car, the Soviet uazik (!), and a driver, which means we'll explore Mongolian steppes at our own pace), including airport transfers on days of arrival and departure
  • All entrance fees to all sites we will visit
  • All excursions:
    • A hike in the Gorkhi Terelj National Park
    • Sand sledding in the sand dunes
    • A visit to Ongi temple ruins
    • A trip to the Erdene Zuu monastery
    • A ride on the Mongolian two-humped Bactrian camel in the Khongor Sand Dunes
    • A hike in Khustai National Park
    • Horse-riding in Orkhon Valley
    • Visits & stays with the local nomadic families

What's not included:

  • Airfare to/from Ulaanbaatar
  • Personal expenses + drinks
  • Lunch & Dinner on Day 1 and Day 10
  • Tips for service personnel (driver, local guides, etc)
  • Travel insurance


To be considered for our trip, please submit your information below.

Spots are limited to maximum 7 participants and the last day to apply and pay for the tour is Monday, Aug 6, 2018.

YAVYA means let's go in Mongolian.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to be a photographer (or a social media influencer) to join you on this tour? No. Our focus is on making sure we travel at our own pace and getting to know the places and people around us. We have a passion for photography and we want to share this passion with the group - but it is not mandatory by all means to be a professional photographer or have an interest in photography/social media. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and heart.
  2. Who fulfills the trip on the ground? We are partnering with a wonderful family-run tour company on the ground in Mongolia. We have used this company's services in the past and we really like their mission and work ethics.
  3. What gear do I need to bring? Whatever gear you are comfortable with or want to learn more about: your phone, your DSLR, or no gear at all - all options are just fine (see #1). If you want to learn more about astrophotography, we'd recommend bringing a DSLR and a tripod. 
  4. Do I need to arrive and depart at a specific time? We have included transfers to/from airport as part of the trip, so you will have flexibility in choosing the flights that work for you. Morning arrival and morning departure are ideal - but we can work with other schedules as well.
  5. What about visas? For US citizens: we will not need a visa to enter Mongolia. If you will be traveling with any other passport, please email us so we can advise on visas.


9 nights accommodations in traditional style ghers and/or three-star hotels; All breakfast, lunch and dinner meals excl Day 1 and 10 (breakfast included on Day 10); All in-country transportation; Professional guide; All entrance fees to all sites we will visit; All excursions.

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


More than 30 days before departure: cancellation is free; 30-14 days before departure: cancellation fee is 50%; 14-1 days before departure: cancellation fee is 100% (non-refundable).