We will always be upfront to you about the destinations we go to. It's important to realize that the world is never black and white. More often than not, what the media portrays does not match the reality on the ground. It's more complex, more layered, requiring time and patience to understand. Luckily, we've partnered with professionals in each destination we travel to - so that we always get an honest assessment.


We believe that every human being deserves to be treated kindly. We think that a rising tide lifts ALL boats. We will always treat our customers, partners, friends, and everyone in our community with kindness and respect. 


We will always choose REAL experiences over manufactured ones. That means we may stop by a side of the road to buy a jar of honey from a beekeeper we have never met before. This part of traveling, the UNKNOWN, is part of the experience. Embrace it, learn to appreciate the randomness of these encounters, and we guarantee it - you will have an amazing time.


We believe that if you are human, you are creative. We will always strive to provide experiences that unleash YOUR CREATIVITY onto the world. Traveling to a new place is a great medium for creativity to flourish. Every NOMⴷD + JULES Journey will incorporate a creative element in its plans.